Embodied AI Characters
For Virtual Worlds

Enable your character with human-like conversation capabilities in games and virtual world applications.

Product features

Experience the cutting edge of Generative Conversational AI

[01] Conversational AI for Virtual Worlds
Voice to voice interface:

Convai is designed for realtime end-to-end voice-based interactions with characters, and optimized for scale to support millions of users.

[02] Add unlimited knowledge to make your character an expert
Create your AI NPC with a knowledge base using Convai
Make your character an expert that YOU can rely on:

Convai addresses the problem of 'hallucination' of information that occur with Large Language Models by adding a knowledge base for characters, which can help ensure accurate responses to user queries.

[03] Scene perception and actions
Create AI NPCs who are aware of their environment using Convai
Character perceives the environment and carries out actions

Your characters can perceive the various objects and entities in the scene and execute actions based on your commands and requests or their own motivation.


How it all works.

               Reimagine gaming, learning and entertainment with AI characters.

Use Cases

Reimagine gaming, learning, and entertainment with AI characters.


Gaming Industry

Enable Companion bots with intelligence such that they can carry out command and strategies

Learning and Education Sector

Enable AI guided training applications in various domains such as healthcare, legal, manufacturing, ecommerce, etc.

Brand Agents

Both on web, XR, and in store
(real world) - for engaging users about their products and services

Real World Embodied Agents

Stores of all kinds, restaurants, office spaces, malls, airports, events and public spaces, tourism spots


Integrate your characters with any platform or game engine

                    We support the following platforms with more to come, but our Core APIs can be integrated into any application.

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A note to Developers

                  The future where you have your companion bot that understands you and fights side by side with you on a high intensity game or the AI tutor that helps you learn your toughest subjects, all of that is now possible.

                  You can make such experiences possible. Let’s make the future happen and build the next generation of games and experiences together.

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Purnendu Mukherjee
CEO & Founder of Convai